Ginny, the mine rescue dog, began her training as a three-day-old pup at the kennel where she was bred. Within just a few short weeks, however, she began working with her dog trainer Bill Dotson, a leading U.S. expert on canine search and rescue. Ginny’s training involved two phases. In the first phase, she learned about obeying commands, about working with a handler, and about detecting human scents. In the second phase, she was trained to actually work with mine rescue teams and to track human scents in underground coal mines.

About Ginny’s Trainer

IMG_0084-web.jpgBill Dotson is the founder and president of Applied K9 Technologies, Inc., in Ruckersville, Va., and has more than 40 years of dog training experience. During his career, he has responded to disasters around the globe, serving in the roles of dog handler, team leader and as Incident Command. He also assisted the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in developing criteria currently used for certifying disaster task force dog teams.

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Ginny's Training Photos

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